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  • My family and friends for their continuous love and support
  • Max Strom
  • Shiva Rea
  • Kaui Nichols: photography & website design & upkeep
  • Andrea Del Guercio: website graphic design
  • Robert Duron, Jasper Johal, Victoria O’Leary: photography
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“The program was, in short, fantastic. Very well done. It was clear from the start that you both have an ocean of knowledge to share with us, as well as a passion for yoga. Your styles are unique to each of you but still consistent enough that we did not receiving drastically conflicting information. It felt diverse, yet cohesive.”

~Gina P., Manhattan Beach

“This program exceeded my expectations and solidified yoga as the lifestyle for me. I left with a deeper understanding of the practice and myself. Whether I go on to be a teacher or continue to be a student, I will forever be grateful for the experience and the lifelong friends that made.”

~ Alana T., Manhattan Beach, CA

“When I first signed up for teacher training, I was hoping to increase my knowledge about yoga, learn to teach yoga to others and enhance my personal practice. Little did I know, teacher training would change my life! I learned that yoga is so much more than postures and breath work. It is truly a way of life, on and off the mat. My experience in Yoga Mittra training led me to a deeper love and appreciation for yoga and life! It also gave me an opportunity to build some amazing new friendships that I will cherish for a lifetime.”

~Charlene B. Tustin, CA


“In many yoga classes you may feel depleted and tired, but Shelley gets you warm and open and you gain energy along the way. Shelley can make you feel as if the whole class is just for you. You feel safe, special and cared for. That is amazing in classes of 30-40 people. From beginners to teachers you all feel that the class is for you. For me that is the most special thing. As I have worked with her for years I have also seen her continue to grow. Her voracious appetite for learning and progressing shows through in her teaching. I love to work with someone that is on the same path progressing, growing and learning all the time.

~Alby S., Manhattan Beach, CA