Shelley began teaching Pilates in 1999. As a professional modern dancer, the Pilates method was a wonderful discovery and complement in maintaining physical balance while performing regularly. It continues to be an incredibly beneficial method to share both in group mat classes, and one-on-one sessions using the specific equipment designed by Joseph H. Pilates himself. Shelley’s approach to teaching Pilates is contemporary, yet she is versed in the classical approach and methodology.

Pilates is fantastic for students interested in increasing core strength, overall flexibility, improving posture, learning to work more effectively and with more ease in their body, improving mind/ body connection, prepping or recovering from surgery, and pre or postnatal recovery.

Pilates mat classes available at Yogaworks El Segundo. Private sessions are available at The Pilates Room in Hermosa Beach, which is a fully equipped, private Pilates studio in Hermosa Beach.