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Shelley Williams

Shelley Williams has been an active student, practitioner, and teacher of mindful movement in the south bay community for over 15 years. She discovered her love of movement, however, long before that as a competitive teen gymnast, which then opened the door to the world of contemporary dance andView full post »

Suzy Nece

Suzy Nece, the owner of Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach, brings playful humor to her athletic yoga classes, which challenge your body, open your mind, and uplift your spirit. Suzy is one of the original Yoga Loft teachers and has been teaching yoga in the South Bay for over a decade. She had theView full post »

Genevive Pujalet

Genevieve completed her Yoga Works teacher training in 2003, under the guidance of Annie Carpenter and Lisa Walford. She has been blessed with the opportunity to study with renowned teachers, all of whom have shaped her teaching style and her own practice. Her most notable teaching influencesView full post »