ADVANCED TRAINING, IMMERSIONS AND ELECTIVES GUIDED BY GENEVIEVE PUJALET, SHELLEY WILLIAMS, SUZY NECE, and SPECIAL GUEST LECTURERS. Our 300 hour program is growing and developing, and there are many opportunities to grow and evolve with us! Please check our Calendar/ Upcoming Events to see which of our advanced immersions and specialty workshops are scheduled, as they are offered periodically.

Below is a list of our many, wonderful course offerings. Each 50 hour immersion and specialty workshop is available independently as a “stand alone” in-depth course of study. These immersions are open to students/ teachers simply wishing to deepen their practice and expand their breadth of knowledge, without having to commit to a 300 hour program.

We also offer teacher mentorships, assisting mentorships, and student/work exchange programs for continuing education. Please contact us for more details on mentorships and study exchange programs.


  • Completion of our 200 hour training program, or comparable program
  • Current teaching position with at least two years teaching experience is recommended
  • Consistent practice/ personal sadhana

Be sure to check our our CURRENT CALENDAR of upcoming trainings and immersions.


Required Courses:

Advanced Teaching & Vinyasa Sequencing – 100 Hours

This immersion is separated into two parts, each comprised of 50 hours. Each part includes two weekends.

  • Understanding the horizontal, vertical, and spatial depth in creating a vinyasa yoga practice
  • How to effectively sequence a class in rhythm with the season, time of day, moon phase, and energetic systems
  • How to effectively build an optimal sequence for a peak asana, or peak state of being
  • How to create & modify sequences for all levels of practitioners, beginners through advanced
  • Understanding and guiding students through the bio-mechanics and energetic actions of several, key advanced asanas
  • Working with music as a tool for supporting the flow and yogic process
  • Advanced skills for teaching yoga, not just advanced asanas…working intuitively and energetically with your own experience and your students’ experience
  • Refining your teaching skills and speaking voice; clear and effective cueing with visual imagery
  • * This immersion benefits the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation

Yoga for Healing – 50 Hours, 2 weekends

  • Understanding yoga as a practice for self healing
  • Theory and application of Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga as therapy
  • How to teach students with cancer, chronic pain, anxiety & depression
  • How to assess student bodies, develop a keen eye, and make suitable hands-on adjustments
  • Special guest lectures include:
  • Jamie Elmer E-RYT 500, Yoga for Healthy Aging; Teaching Seniors
  • Christina Powers DPT, RYT-200, Common Injuries in Yoga
  • * This immersion benefits The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation

Specialized Teaching – 50 Hours, 2 Weekends

  • Teaching pre/post natal students in regular mixed level classes, and indicated/ contraindicated asana for prenatal practitioners
  • Teaching in institutional settings such as schools, treatment centers, corporate offices, etc.
  • Groovy Kids Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training; Learn to teach children
  • How to plan & teach retreats
  • CPR Certification
  • * This immersion benefits The Richstone Family Center

Beyond the Mat: Embodying Yoga and Ayurveda – 50 hours

1 retreat + 2 Ayurvedic lectures, special reading assignment. Choose one retreat with Genevieve Pujalet or Shelley Williams.

  • How to maintain your own practice while teaching full-time
  • Harmonizing your practice, nutrition, and daily rhythms seasonally with Ayurveda
  • Tips on finding a balanced lifestyle, living in rhythm with lunar cycles
  • Defining your life’s purpose or dharma, nurturing the fire of your intentions
  • Lecture on Ayurveda, determining your dosha, and living in harmony with the seasons
  • Ayur-Yoga Therapy
  • Special guest lecturer: Dr. Parla Jayagopal, Chair, American University of Complementary Medicine
  • * This immersion benefits The Hermosa Beach Education Foundation

Chakra Sadhana – 50 hours

In town retreat, 7 day immersion With Shelley Williams and Genevieve Pujalet

  • Daily exploration of Chakra based practice, from the personal to practical
  • Balancing prana through element-based practice
  • Daily meditations and mantra for aligning your inner purpose with your outer purpose
  • 7 creative sequences that reflect the multi-dimension of each Chakra
  • Chanting within vinyasa to directly activate the Chakras
  • * This immersion benefits Off the Mat, Into the World


Advanced Applied Anatomy for Yoga with Jamie Elmer, E-RYT 500 – 10 hours

  • Seeing and reading bodies intuitively and intelligently
  • Muscular and skeletal anatomy as applied to yoga postures
  • The respiratory system in context of breathing practices
  • Common injuries, their causes and remedies
  • Asana practices which emphasize stability and fluidity in the body, asana application for various of body types

COMING SOON~ Stay posted for upcoming dates for the following special electives and trainings

Tune In & Tune Up with Suzy Nece and Aimee Donahue Discover Your Unique Voice: Think outside of the “Box’ana”

  • Enter into a yoga playground of Kundalini Kriyas & Vinyasa Flows
  • Yoga Tune Up® for Core, Hips, Shoulders, Breathe in Bliss Out
  • Modifications as Creative Opportunities
  • Developing a self created vinyasa that celebrates your body’s natural rhythm & challenges

Accepting Support with Shelley Williams and Suzy Nece

  • Props, Partner Yoga & Contact Improv
  • Moving Meditation & Massage
  • Healing Hands-On Adjustments, assisting yoga classes 

Yoga of Sound

  • Mudras, Mantras & Meditation
  • Effective use of music for yoga
  • Raise your vibration through the science of sound, chanting & kirtan

Yoga for Children

  • Mommy & Me Yoga
  • Toddlers Yoga
  • Elementary through High School

Empowered Yoga for Radiance

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Shelley Williams, Amy Tinney, and Jennifer Edwards

  • Embracing Shakti, the creative feminine force
  • Learning safe, supportive teaching methodology of yoga asana for pregnancy
  • Inspiring and artistic vinyasa sequencing for prenatal yoga
  • Simple, creative modifications of yoga asana and vinyasa flow
  • Understanding the physiological and emotional changes during pregnancy
  • Learn about the stages of birth, and how to adapt yoga breathing and meditation for the birth experience
  • Understanding the baby’s journey during birth
  • Energetic and spiritual mindfulness for the new mamas
  • Pranayama, meditation, and visualizations for the birth process

Your Daily Yoga

Ayurveda and Cooking for Optimal Health and Harmony with Dr. Parlay Jayagopal

  • 4 Experiential cooking classes with Dr. Jayagopal emphasizing living Ayurveda from the inside out!

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