Shelley offers an integrative approach to yoga, drawing upon many lineages and movement forms, from ashtanga to iyengar, from modern dance to vinyasa. As a lifelong student, she continues her formal studies of yoga each year, and enjoys including the wisdom of Ayurveda into her daily life. A nature lover, surfer, music lover, and student of all things art, Shelley draws upon the rasa of life to inform her practice and teaching. Public group classes are typically vinyasa flow, and Shelley’s main influence in how her classes are crafted come from her studies with Shiva Rea, Prana Vinyasa Flow yoga. Meditation and pranayama often complement vinyasa flow practices, and provide sacred opportunities for self-inquiry and reflection.



Group Classes

The primary intention of Shelley’s classes is to fully embody a moving meditation while enhancing one’s connection to breath, body, and awareness. The flow of each class includes a physical and invigorating challenge, with deep focus on conscious breath and intention. She enjoys guiding students to use yoga as a healthy tool to experience presence in their entire being, laughter in their heart, and to find strength and ease in their body. World music, ambient grooves, and sometimes just pure silence often provide an energetic backdrop, while elements of good alignment and core stabilization are always woven into her classes.

Shelley welcomes students of all ages and levels to her classes, loves to work with pre/postnatal yoginis, and enjoys helping students overcome and heal from injury.

Private Sessions

Available by appointment only at The Pilates Room, Yoga Loft, live online via Skype, or in Shelley’s home studio.

Private yoga, pilates, or gyrotonic classes are offered by appointment only. Classes are designed to accommodate your needs and goals, and are a great way to deepen your practice, expand your knowledge, and improve overall health. Private sessions are great for   anyone…. from beginners to professional athletes, those wishing to deepen their practice, who are prepping or recovering from surgery, pre and postnatal goddesses, those with specific injuries, or other special needs.  Special focus will be given to breath, alignment, and your specific energetic stasis, and always towards developing and maintaining a personal practice for promoting health and wellness.

Private classes at the home, office, or other locations are also available. They make special gifts, and are ideal for friends, family, or any kind of celebration.
Please contact us for current private session fees.


Pre-Natal Yoga

Yoga is a beautiful way to support the experience of pregnancy and giving birth. In yoga, we learn to breathe deeply for both relaxation and dharana (point of focus), to balance strength with flexibility, and to merge all the layers of our awareness with a deeper part of ourselves. This deeper awareness is the natural state of a pregnant mama, and the techniques of yoga offer a wonderful support to our body’s changing needs during pregnancy.

Prenatal students are always encouraged to participate in Shelley’s regular group classes, as necessary modifications and special care will always be given. Pilates and yoga classes are recommended to support Postnatal mamas in recovering core strength, pelvic floor stability, and overall well-being. Please allow your body time to heal (minimum 6 weeks) before returning to any regular exercise program post birth.

As a joyful mama of two, Shelley is fortunate to have direct experience with pre/post natal needs. Shelley practiced yoga and pilates, and guided regular weekly classes, right up to full term, and feels that her practice was an integral part of both healthy pregnancies. She was blessed to experience peaceful home births with both of her children.

Shelley is a recognized teacher with the Pilates Method Alliance, is a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher with Shiva Rea, Prana Flow Yoga, and received much practical knowledge about working with prenatal mamas under the care and guidance of the benevolent midwives of Sanctuary and Art of Nursing Care.

Please see Schedules or Upcoming Events page for special prenatal workshops or class series. Yoga Mittra offers Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training annually, which include community prenatal yoga classes for the duration of the training.